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from Prophetiae Sibyllarum

Felix Mendelssohn

Performed in Auer Hall at Indiana University, February 10, 2018 - conducted by Sam Ritter in Doctoral Recital under the mentorship of Prof. Walter Huff.

Composed in 1844, this psalm setting is a perfect representation of Felix Mendelssohn’s synthesis of the tonal clarity of the Classical era and the lush harmonies of nineteenth century romanticism. It also reveals Mendelssohn’s diligence as a student - drawing inspiration from Venetian polychoral writing, Handelian choruses, and the masterful counterpoint of Bach. This motet moves quickly through the stanzas of the psalm, painting each section vividly and at times revisiting musical material from preceding phrases. It acts as a perfect foil to the Bruckner motet that follows - radically different in harmonic approach despite these composers’ shared nationality and devotion to sacred music.

*program note by the conductor

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