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for SSAATTBB chorus and singing bells

This text, taken from the Bible, is a transcription of the “burning bush” tale. However, I’ve chosen to keep the dialogue one sided - Moses’ replies to God are not included in this piece. The “imparting” is two fold: God reveals his name to Moses and He also promises that He will deliver His people from Egypt.

The opening motive of this work is pervasive throughout. The augmented chord resolves by half step movement in different voices each time, leading to different tonalities. This “God Theme” reveals itself in the opening, middle, and ending portions of this piece, being surrounded by narrative “chant-like” moments and diatonic explosions of color on the word “wonders.” The spoken, breathy inclusions of text represent the endless whispers and the timeless presence of God.

A performance program can be downloaded here.


I am that I am.
I am the god of your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
I have seen the misery of my people; their pain has become my pain.
I have come down to deliver them and bring them to the land that I have promised.

I will send… you.
I will teach you what to say.
This is my name forever,
The name you shall call me:
I am that I am.

I shall be with you when you deliver my people.
I will stretch out my hand and reveal all my wonders.

I shall be with you,
I am that I am.

Conducted by: Hana Cai


Savanna Webber

Olivia La Barge

Rachel Whitcomb

Kelly Hamm

Leeza Yorke

Lindsey Allen

Hayley Lipke


Chelsea Brinda

Rebecca Rogers

Marta Perrine

Marielle Hug

Liz Culpepper

Chi-Jo Lee

Kathryn Jorgensen

Abigail York


James Featherstone

Stephen Shannon

Chad Demaris

Lucas DeBard

Alex Berko

Stewart Duncan

John Griffith

Jake Gunnar Walsh


Chase Techentin

Alana Duncan

Ben Fowler

Jeff Williams


Luka Marinkovic

Chris LaRosa

Corey Rubin

Joshua Harper

Stephen McFall

Stephen Gomez-Peck

Jono Palmer

Nara Lee

Jamie Kunselman

Jonathan Metz

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