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for SSAATTBB chorus, 2 harps

Will Todd (b.1970)

Performed in Auer Hall at Indiana University, February 10, 2018 - conducted by Sam Ritter in Doctoral Recital under the mentorship of Prof. Walter Huff.

Vivian Hsu, Carrie Anderson, harpists


"Will Todd is an English composer most recognized for his 2003 composition, Mass in Blue, and his anthem The Call of Wisdom, performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Among Angels was commissioned in 2006 by The Genesis Foundation for the world-renowned chamber choir The Sixteen and conductor Harry Christophers. With a libretto by Ben Dunwell, its silken textures for 8 part choir and 2 harps are an evocation of angels in flight. Todd has included aleatoric passages within this piece, a compositional device that allows improvisatory melodic and rhythmic decisions to be made by the performers. During the soloistic moments led by the sopranos, this technique can be heard as an undercurrent of sound that ebbs and flows. In a recent conversation with the composer, he revealed to me that his “main intention in the whole piece was to keep the sense of ‘emotional possibility.’ The truth is we don’t know what will happen in the future, so we must embrace it with hope and joy.” This work acts as a musical reckoning of peace - heralded by free spirits that bathe in light and freedom."



Fear not you the dark.

We carry you on soft wide wings.


Find only joy in the golden heavens

And the shining earth.


Seek out light and bind it to your own light.

Fear not you the dark.

We carry you on soft wide wings.

*program note by the conductor

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